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Room Escape Games Nazobako Tokyo Asakusa

Room Escape Games Nazobako Tokyo Asakusa


A drama, a movie, or a detective novel featuring a sleuth or a police detective.... Have you ever gotten so involved in those mysteries that you lost track of time? Nazobako is a hands-on puzzle-solving escape game mini theme park where you can become the hero in a mystery.

You will be trapped in a locked room with mysterious objects scattered inside the room. You have 60 minutes to solve and escape. Find clues and solve the puzzles by fighting against time that is approaching every second.

A number of puzzles are hidden. Figure out the puzzles that come across together with your friends. Your escape will be successful if you can solve all the puzzles within 60 minutes! The feeling of noticing the clues and realizing the solution to the puzzle is definitely an ”Aha!” moment! The invigorating feeling is fabulous. The parts of your brain that are neglected at usual work and in your everyday life are enlivened, and you can feel the thrill you can never experience from other games.

For sixty minutes, you will be so engrossed that you can forget all your worries. Perfect for relieving stress. Please enjoy your time at Nazobako together with friends, colleagues, family, or as a couple!


Location Information

東京都 台東区浅草1-10-5 KN浅草ビル 6F
Nearest Station
Asakusa Exit 1
Phone Number
Every day 09:30-19:30*Reception hours as above*Hours of operation may vary with events
None *May be temporarily closed.

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