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Tools ochanomizu

Tools ochanomizu


Our store has been operating in Ochanomizu for over 45 years and we aim to bring the fun of drawing and creation to everyone, from beginners to professionals! We are a popular place to get presents and souvenirs, such as stationery and art supply sets.
• 1F: Copic products, stationery, and miscellaneous goods!
As an official Copic store, we stock all Copic-related goods.
*We also offer limited edition and early release goods (no set schedule).
We get our hands on popular Japanese-made stationery items, such as calligraphy brush pens, ballpoint pens and erasers, ahead of the crowd. We also offer a huge selection of other fun items, such as seasonal greeting cards, stickers, and masking tape!
• 2F: Art supplies!
For acrylic paints, we stock products by the famous pioneering brand Liquitex. For watercolors, we have high-quality products from Winsor & Newton.
We also offer masterpieces such as brushes crafted by Japanese artisans, paints made from Sumi ink, suihitsu brush pens, and sketch books.
We will definitely have something you are looking for!
Just browsing our store is exciting! Come by and see for yourself.


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1 April 2020, 9:30AM - 30 September 2020, 6:30PM
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Location Information

東京都 千代田区神田駿河台2-1-30 フジビル1・2F
Nearest Station
Ochanomizu Ochanomizubashi Exit
Phone Number
Weekdays 09:30-19:00, Weekends & Holidays 10:00-18:30
None *New Year’s holiday

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