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KOHGEN Ginza (incense store)

KOHGEN Ginza (incense store)


At KOHGEN Ginza, we have a wide selection of over 5,000 different kinds of incense products, sticks, and various Buddhist prayer beads.
We offer incenses from domestic producers, as well as our own original incenses.
Not all incense shops can test the scent.But in our store you can try the scent of your interest for free.
At our store, we offer everything from traditional Japanese scents to Western-style floral aromas.
Customers are also welcome to browse our stock of Agarwood incense sticks, which are increasingly rare.
In addition, we also have various Buddhist prayer beads and bracelets, which you may freely touch and try on before buying.
Why not drop by if you’re in the area? We can’t wait to meet you!


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Location Information

東京都 中央区銀座4-14-15
Nearest Station
Higashi-Ginza Exit 5
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Irregular holidays *New Year’s holiday*May be temporarily closed.

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