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Ginza Natsuno

Ginza Natsuno


With an extraordinary collection of over 3,000 varieties of chopsticks and 1,000 varieties of chopstick rests, our gallery is the largest dealer of chopsticks in all of Japan.
We also carry pottery, lacquerware, glassware, metalworks, regional dolls, and other traditional crafts that make it worth a visit just to look around. Many of the products on offer are original works that can’t be bought anywhere else. This includes special pieces that reach the level of art, as well as objects of everyday use.The staff will help guide you through the many choices to find chopsticks you will love, be it made from sacred woods or lacquerware made by traditional techniques across Japan, pairs for small hands or large hands, those of unique design and color, and even pairs for those that stress functionality.
From the extraordinary to the every-day, our lineup has something for everyone.
Don’t miss this chance to select from authentic Japanese crafts that are rarely found outside the country. They can easily be carried home and are an item you are sure to use. They are also perfect as souvenir gifts.
No matter what your purpose, you’re sure to enjoy this flagship store of the nation of chopsticks.


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27 September 2019, 12:00AM - 31 December 2020, 11:59PM
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Location Information

東京都 中央区銀座6−7−4 銀座タカハシビル1F
Nearest Station
Ginza Exit B3
Phone Number
Weekdays 10:00-20:00, Weekends 10:00-20:00, Sunday 10:00-19:00, Holidays 10:00-19:00

None *New Year's Day

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